You Are Greater Than Cancer

Our Philosophy

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, life - as we know it - can feel like it is ripped from our hands. We can feel shocked, fearful and overwhelmed by the unknown. 

A cancer diagnosis can affect our entire being - our physiology, our mind, our emotions and our relationships.’s philosophy is based on an integrative framework, that addresses the vital need for a whole-person approach within the Australian cancer care community.

Our aim is to educate and encourage people living with cancer to take an active and empowered role in their health and wellbeing.  To consult with conventional, complementary and lifestyle medicine experts and organisatons, to understand all the options available, and to learn about the things they can do for themselves to actively support their treatments and recovery. Integrative Medicine expert and Order of Australia recipient, Professor Avni Sali explains:

We know quite clearly that in order to get the best result with any major illness you can almost always only achieve it when the patient can do whatever they can as well. The majority of people with cancer try to manage the symptoms of their disease, or their conventional treatment, with complementary therapies. Many also change their lifestyle which helps them take control of their cancer diagnosis. works to achieve this by partnering with health professionals and organisations across the integrative cancer care community, to provide our visitors with easy to access, evidence-based information and resources, to learn about lifestyle interventions and complementary therapies that can be used alongside conventional treatments.  We want people living with cancer to be able to commit to a 'plan of action' that inspires confidence and meets their own unique needs. spokesperson and 15-year brain cancer survivor, Stuart Taylor, imparts:

It’s crucial that people have access to up-to-date credible information to help them make choices about their treatment. People living with cancer can now access a wealth of information about integrative options, by visiting

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