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The Cancer Foundation and the Yarra Valley Living Centre is a not for profit, charitable organisation, that promotes a holistic and integrative approach to health and wellbeing.  For over 30 years our foundation has been helping thousands of people to improve their quality of life after cancer diagnosis, through lifestyle education and tailored support at our cancer retreat programs.

Set on 40 acres of stunning bushland, our modern Yarra Valley Living Centre hosts a range of healing and general wellbeing retreats, based around our 7 Essential Elements.  Meditation, Nutrition, Support, Moderate Exercise, Emotional Healing, Power of the Mind and Quest for Meaning are all research-based lifestyle practices widely recognised for their benefits and form the backbone of all our retreat programs. 

To be clear, we do not claim that these lifestyle practices are a guaranteed cure for cancer, instead we look to the latest mind-body medicine research as well as the feedback and outcomes of our past participants, who after adopting these practices, have experienced improved recovery outcomes and/or have created a sense of wellbeing in the face of cancer.

All of our cancer retreat programs are complementary to any mainstream medical treatments, in fact we pride ourselves in a philosophy based on an integrative medical framework.

Our focus is on educating people about the things that they can do for themselves to support the healing process in an active and empowered way, alongside their existing treatments.  The key outcomes we want for our participants are:

Hope backed by action! We encourage people to set goals, to commit to their chosen treatment plan and to give healing from cancer their very best effort.

To consult with experts in the areas of conventional medicine and complementary and alternative therapies, and to make informed choices about their treatment plan.

Inner Peace
Reduce the damaging effects of stress, fear and excessive thinking and to develop coping strategies to be able to deal with the uncertainty of life after diagnosis.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please call our friendly client services team to find out more...

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