You Are Greater Than Cancer


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Dr David Wilkinson

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Dr David Wilkinson qualified as a surgeon in 1997. Since then has primarily worked in the field of breast and endocrine surgery, having treated thousands of patients with cancer of the breast or thyroid. He holds positions at major teaching hospitals in Brisbane, and has taught junior doctors and surgeons in Australia, Britain, Tonga and Cambodia. He has published articles in peer-reviewed journals, and is a regular invited speaker at scientific conferences. More recently, David has become passionate about the role of nutrition in preventing cancer and reducing the risk of recurrence. In response to repeated questions from patients about this, he sifted and collated key research, resulting in his book "Can food be medicine against cancer?" which crystallizes the information into a readily accessible resource. This provides practical advice on the top foods that protect against cancer, and explains the scientific reasons why these foods are effective. Dr Wilkinson continues to pursue new information, not only with regard to nutrition, but also other important lifestyle factors such as exercise and sunshine.

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