You Are Greater Than Cancer

What is an Integrative Approach?

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The Integrative Approach is "... orientated around delivering all of the valuable medicine.  Conventional medicine, in general, is predominantly focused around the diagnosis and treatment.  A major difference with Integrative Medicine is that it has a heavy emphasis on why has a person developed an illness.  It uses every aspect that can be used, in order to make the patient as healthy as possible. We now know that a healthy patient - whether it be a cancer patient, a person with heart disease - they will always do better than the unhealthy patient. We do use all the medicine available, that can be useful, and the patient must become an active participant in order to get the best results when looking at any of the major illnesses - any of the persistent illness such as cancer, heart disease, etc." - integrative medicine expert, Professor Avni Sali, AM


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Outsmarting Cancer is about getting straight back in the driver’s seat and playing an active…

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